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Welcome to Jon Gindick's Video Harp Club

The Foundation Series
The Blues Harp Foundation Series is dedicated to helping you master the basics of breathing and tone and embouchure. It will show you how to bend, how to get vibrato, how to articulate notes, how to organize your riffs into the I-IV-V. It is where everyone should start. and where all players should return.

Single Topic Video Lessons The other videos cover other topics or take another approach to the same topics.
Song Series I will keep teaching you songs and adding guitar. I do not tab other harp players work, or tab improvisation.

The Rules: Please do not send the links to other people. However, feel free to download the files to your desk top and burn cds for your private use. Just keep them private. Allowing them to become unauthorized denizens of the internet drone will bring you bad luck, especially in the musical sense.

When Links Don't Work: Please paste them in your browser.  The links have been recently verified. If you have trouble, do try upgrading your browser, or switching from IE to Firefox or vice versa. If that doesn't work, do let me know.

Our Next Jam Camps:
March 26-30, 2013 ,     May 21-25, 2013     September 24-28, 2013

MAC USERS download this program for easy use.

Jon and Ralph's Kick Ass Jam Tracks--Download these for FREE

Here  is an exciting new collection of jamming tracks that I developed with musical partner, producer/ musician,
Ralph Carter. Actually, Ralph did every thing, and I paid him. The guy is brilliant. Well, now is a good time
to plug your mic into your amp, and pull out a few harps and start downloading. Keep 'em in the club!

New: 20 to 40 minute  Harp Jam Lessons in which Jon shows you how to use the riffs he teaches in both 2nd and 3rd position to jam with the Jam Tracks on the "Harp Jam" CD .  Be patient downloading. These lessons are worth it!

Also New to Video Harp Club
The Revised Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless
CD Lesson, 73 Minutes of Fundamentals on Audio

Here is the new audio lesson and 110 page book.

Jon Gindick's ESSENTIAL Video Foundation Series
For Players of Diatonic Harmonica

Volume I Embouchure and breathing tips that build the foundation vibrato, tone and bending. Why you want to focus on The Foundation, and playing good chords BEFORE playing single notes. Tongue-blocking and Lip-blocking as main embouchures. Dynamics. Air control and exhale rhythm  techniqes. This is the lesson that should come free with every harp sold.

Volume II
Articulation and "Clicking" to shape notes and create rhythm. Using hands, bending, tonguing to create syllables and rhythm. Playing from throat. playing triplets. Adding the blues shuffle syllable for extra swing. Your first guitar jam using articulation, tone, vibrato, breathing, etc. Playing the I-IV-V chords on harmonica with guitar.


Volume III
As you improve the tone of your chords, learn the Magic Triangle of the I-IV-V, learn to "swing" structure, jam with guitar, and also start chugging. Using chords to express songs.

Volume IV
From Beautiful Relaxed, Controlled, Full and Vibrating chords to Beautiful Clear Ballsy Single Notes that you can bend. Focusing on the 2 draw. Lip-blocking and tongue-blocking embouchures. Articulating and note shaping from the throat. Solving problems in tone. Fixing foggy 2 draws. Mastering holes 1, 2, 3 and 4 draw as single notes. Using these single notes and articulation to improvise with guitar.

Volume V
Bending holes 1, 2, 3, 4 with good tone. Using the secret method to bend and unbend all three notes in the 2 draw with good tone vibrato, and all four notes in the 3 draw. Developing the clicking muscle. Put bending into simple riffs and jamming with guitar.

Volume VI
Muscle memory and riffs. The Good Morning Riff 1d, 2b 2d. Making music out of the riff. Using the Question and answer format. Putting the riff into triplets. Several more riffs including The Up and Down Riff, The 6 Blown Down , and using them to jam with a variety of chord progressions.

Volume VII
Gripping the harmonica, acoustic and amplified. Using splits and single notes to get the big amped sounds. Performance of Jon and band using Fender Deluxe aand Green Bullet on "Driftin", minor key blues.

Volume VIII
Tongue-blocking and Amped Playing. Working tongue-blocks into your style, working octaves into your amplified style. Jamming with guitar. Plugging octaves in the amp.

New Lessons:
Bending and Embouchure --
This lesson from 2012 focuses on bending. It has some
new ideas to help you get good at this essential skill,

Private Lesson with Greg --
A private lesson with an actual student.  You can hear him improve in real time as I work with him many intermediate issues.

Quit Fighting Your Harp--
This lesson will help every aspect of your harp playing
and should be watched immediately. About 20 minutes that can change your approach for the better.

Review Lessons

Secrets of Great Tone This succinct little lesson was on Youtube, and it will help you open your embouchure and articulate from your throat.

On Musicality: Here is a new lesson I think you will find real helpful. It's called "Jamming, Musicality, and Memory" and it's for people who are getting the mechanics down but are having problems actually being musical.,%20Musicality%20and%20Memory.wmv

On Bending This lesson summarizes and helps get you bending. An excellent lesson to use as a drill.

On Tongueblocking Two additional lessons on the arts of tongue-blocking, and using them with riffs.
Volume I Mixing single notes, chords and octaves and effects with basic riffs to create a variety of shadings.

Volume II Mixing single notes, chords and octaves and effects with basic riffs to create a variety of shadings.

Using the 2-5 Split A harp and guitar lesson that focuses on the 2-5 split, a great tongue blocking technique that gives you a bluesy organ sound.

Moving the Harp, Pull Ons and Pull Offs, Developing Grace and Fluidity A lesson that talks about and demonstrates how you can use slides and embouchures changes to add texture and color to your harping.

"Bending the Blue Third" This lesson focuses on the 3 draw and the draw bends, and reviews the basics of bending that 3 draw, and hitting "The Blue Third."

The Learning Platform Lesson

A Two-Part Jam Along Lesson that gives you a basic approach improvising on 2nd position. A bottom line thought mode that gets you playing the right notes, even before you understand the I-IV-V.

Volume I

Volume II

Riffs & Jammming

I made this 40 minute lesson today after a phone consultation with student/camper, Judi. The lesson helps you learn and use several basic riffs and gives you lots of guitar music to jam with. It helps you understand the concepts of musicial tension and resolution, and also how you can start riffs on almost any note. For C harp.

Understanding the I-IV-V Lessons

The basics of chord progressions are covered in The Foundation Series, reviewed and elaborated in these video lessons.
Easy I-IV-V Lesson that uses "The Good Morning Riff" to explain song structure.

Using Riffs (and Flashcards) to Understand Build Chord Progressions and Scales Degrees. 28 minutes, a funny, powerful lesson that shows you how you can take Jon's basic riffs and put them on flashcards and exchange them to create chord progressions.

Room To Move Riff to create a I-IV-V 7 minutes. This lesson will teach you the classsic “Room to Move”, “One Way Out” Riff, and also show you how you can use flatted 7th notes of the I, the IV, and the V chord to create a very cool pattern.

21 Riffs You Can Use

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