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Hey Harp Players!
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This Bandbox has three great e-products for you to download. By clicking on the images in the box, you can sample and see what is in the download.

Revised all New
Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless
110 page e-book in pdf format and 73 minute Audio Download

Designed especially for raw beginners and people who are stuck.
This revised book and CD is the culmination of 8 years of putting on
Jam Camps, giving phone lessons, developing my own style, and giving hundred
of harp lessons. It focuses on the fundamentals, laying a  great foundation for
advanced skills.

Step by step I guide you through shortcuts and secrets for better tone,
vibrato, bending, riffs, I-IV-V chord progressions and how to improvise, and more.

$25 for 110 page E-book and 73 minute CD.

Note: it is necessary to e-mail you the e-book.
Please e-mail me from button below.

Bulletin: The physical Book and CD is now available world wide by mailorder is now available at

Harp Jam! 12  Full Ensemble, All Real Jamming Tracks from
Jon Gindick and Ralph Carter

Also for harp players, Jon Gindick and Ralph Carter's Harp Jam, 12 Kick Ass Jamming Tracks for
your wailing pleasure. To hear snippets, click the image of Jon wailing on harp.
$19.95 for 12 Kick Ass Jam Tracks
Download above, or order physical CD at this link

Jon and Ralph's CD:
"When We Die, We All Come Back As Music."

Lastly, Jon Gindick and Ralph Carter's award winning cd,
"When We Die, We All Come Back as Music."
Winner of the coveted Hollywood Music in Media Awards for best
blues song of 2010. Click to the image of Jon laughing to enjoy and download
Jon's 10 great songs, harping and singing, with Ralphs brilliant production and
accompaniment. $9.95 for 10 songs you'll love.
Click on the image of the product to sample it.
Pay for product here.
"Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Bending and Tone Workshop and the Musically Hopeless products.

"I can tell you that my tone has improved by a long shot and I can now hit all of the bends on holes 1-4. I am working on precision now, being able to hit each bend at the appropriate half-step. (I am using the Bendometer product to fine tune.) It took some time and some perseverance (my wife says I am obsessed), but I am WAY further along than I ever thought I would be at this point, having only been going at this hard for about a month now. One of the truly big keys to success for me was getting the harp all the way in. It sounds counter-intuitive for a lip-blocker, but once I got that into my head, along with the relaxed embouchure, things really started to “click”, if you will. I am a 100% believer.

"Your teaching methods really suit my learning style. I appreciate you going the extra mile on sending me the Bending and Tone Workshop file along with the Musically Hopeless product that I purchased. Best $25 I have spent in a long time. When I feel worthy enough, I may even make the pilgrimage to the Jam Camp some day."  Scott Moring
"Downloaded your new jam tracks last night and have been jamming to them tonight. Wow! Not only are they great to jam to but I am very impressed with the quality of the music and recordings. Definitely sounds like they were recorded in a professional studio. The mix is great with the drums out front and the keyboard and guitars just the right levels. It's like jamming with a real good live band. I have bought a lot of jam tracks and these are the best. Turn up the volume and Rock Out.    Greg "Mojo" Bouffard